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Epigenomics AG Presents Mid-Year Results and Announces Restructuring Plan Heightening Focus on the Key U.S. Market


Focus to be on near term product opportunities and key markets; streamlining of operations


Key Financials H1 2011

H1 2011 (unaudited)

H1 2010 (unaudited)

% change




1 %




-5 %

Net Loss



-10 %

At Jun 30, 2011 (unaudited)

At Dec 31, 2010 (audited)

Liquid Assets






  • Revenue for the half year of EUR 0.99 million (2010: EUR 0.97 million) generated from out-licensing and partnering activities and increasingly, from product sales
  • Costs of sales amounted to EUR 0.25 million (H1 2010: EUR 0.31 million); gross margin improved to 75 % from 68 % in H1 2010
  • Operating cost of EUR 6.6 million comparable to H1 2010 (EUR 6.6 million)
  • R&D costs significantly decreased from EUR 3.6 million in H1 2010 to EUR 3.0 million in the reporting period
  • Operating (EBIT) loss increased marginally by 5 % to EUR 5.7 million (H1 2010: loss of EUR 5.4 million)
  • Net loss for H1 2011 amounted to EUR 5.9 million (H1 2010: EUR 5.4 million)
  • Cash consumption increased from EUR 4.4 million in H1 2010 to EUR 5.7 million in the reporting period due to a significant non-recurrent cash inflow from a collaboration partner in H1 2010 with no comparable inflow in H1 2011
  • Cash and cash equivalents at June 30, 2011 were EUR 20.7 million (December 31, 2010: EUR 26.4 million)

Update on Products


European market penetration of Epi propro

Epigenomics continues working towards establishing its second product, Epi propro

Organizational Development & Restructuring

With the U.S. product development of Epi pro

  • From 2012 onwards, the U.S. headquarters will be relocated to a new business site, strategically located on the East Coast, as the nucleus for building and growing the U.S. commercial operations while retaining key Seattle staff in a satellite office.
  • Direct commercialization in the European self-payer segment will be de-emphasized and a key account approach for Epi pro pro
  • Early stage product and technology research will be discontinued and clinical research scaled down and remaining R&D resources will be concentrated on second generation product development and support of existing products.
  • Biomarker discovery and development capabilities will be maintained for collaborations with pharmaceutical companies in the area of personalized medicine.
  • Further cost savings will be realized through scaling down administration and management in proportion to new company structure.

These measures are expected to be fully implemented by the end of 2011 and to be mainly reflected in the annual accounts of 2011. The Company intends to reduce its total workforce from 84 employees at the end of H1 2011 to approximately 45 employees by year-end 2011. Starting in 2012, the company expects to further grow its U.S. commercial operations to prepare for an Epi pro

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