Anne Clare Kessler


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Anne Clare Kessler, PhD

Ann Clare Kessler (*1943, American/ Swiss) holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology (Notre Dame University of Maryland) and a Master of Science (Northwestern University) as well as a PhD in Biochemistry (New York University).

For twenty six years, Dr. Kessler held several senior positions at Hoffmann-La Roche Inc. in the US, including Vice President and Head of Exploratory Research and VP of Pharmacology and Chemotherapy, prior to moving to Switzerland where she was in charge of Global Project Management Group and Portfolio Management of Hoffmann-La Roche in Basel for another five years until 1995.

Dr. Kessler has been a Supervisory Board member of Epigenomics AG since June 2005. She is an independent member (within the meaning of the German Corporate Governance Code). Dr. Kessler’s current appointment ends in 2021.

Dr. Kessler is a member of other mandatory supervisory boards or comparable boards with supervisory function: EraCal Therapeutics (Zurich, Switzerland); EyeTracking (California, U.S.A.).