Blood-test for cancer detection

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Epi BiSKit – A complete kit for the preparation of purified, bisulfite-converted DNA

High-quality cell-free DNA is easily and robustly purified from up to 3,5 ml of plasma.

  • Streamlined procedure for fast and reliable results
    • Complete cytosine conversion
    • DNA extraction system for highly sensitive analysis

Intended Use

The Epi BiSKit provides a complete set of reagents for the preparation of bisulfite-converted DNA from plasma derived from human whole blood samples. Using the reagents provided, each Epi BiSKit is intended to process 32 preparations, providing purified, sulfonated bisulfite-converted DNA for use in diverse, downstream molecular applications.

Summary and Principles

DNA Extraction

DNA is extracted from plasma by binding to magnetic beads. Impurities are removed from the magnetic beads by a wash step. The purified DNA is then released from the beads by suspension in an elution buffer, and treated with bisulfite reagents to produce sulfonated bisulfite converted DNA (bisDNA). The bisDNA is then re-purified using magnetic beads and cleansing steps to produce the finished product of pure, sulfonated bisulfite-converted DNA.

Biochemical process to yield sulfonated bisulfite-converted DNA

Bisulfite Conversion

Bisulfite conversion is the method of choice for analyzing DNA methylation. It is based on the nucleophilic addition of a bisulfite ion to a cytosine nucleotide and a subsequent deamination reaction to yield uracil sulfonate; 5-methylcytosine (methylated cytosine) is protected from deamination by the methyl group. Thus, the sequence of bisDNA differs from the input DNA by the substitution of uracil nucleotides for unmethylated cytosines, while retaining methyl cytosine bases.

Bisulfite conversion

Kit Contents for Thirty-Two Plasma Preparations

Reagent Containers Volume Storage Temperature
Lysis Binding Buffer 1 bottle 125.0 mL 15°C to 30°C
Wash A Concentrate 1 bottle 60.0 mL 15°C to 30°C
Wash B Concentrate 1 bottle 7.0 mL 15°C to 30°C
Magnetic Beads 1 bottle 4.0mL 15°C to 30°C
Bisulfite Solution 4 tubes 1.9 mL each 15°C to 30°C
Elution Buffer 1 tube 6.0 mL 15°C to 30°C
Protection Buffer 1 tube 1.0 mL 15°C to 30°C

Important Documents

Please refer to the Instructions for Use for additional equipment and disposable supplies not included in the Epi BiSKit.  There may be additional pre-analytical and analytical steps based upon the specific application that are not included in the Instructions for Use.

Instructions for Use:
Outside of US    IFU 0019 PDF
US Only              IFU 0020 PDF

In the United States, there is only “Research Use Only” Epi BiSKit available.

Safety data sheets PDF

Epi BiSKit (M7-01-001)