Blood-test for cancer detection

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Epi proColon® – Liquid biopsy test for the detection of colorectal cancer

Colorectal cancer is curable in about 90% of cases if detected early. Nevertheless, this disease is one of the most frequent causes of cancer-related deaths in the industrialized world. Regular screening can prevent colorectal cancer.

Epi proColon® offers a convenient way of detecting colorectal cancer: in blood. It’s as simple as a blood draw. The test is performed by a clinical laboratory. It detects a specific type of DNA called Septin9, which is altered in colorectal cancer tumor cells more often than in normal cells.

Epi proColon® is the first and only FDA-approved blood-based test for the detection of colorectal cancer. The test is available in the United States, Europe, China and selected other countries.

Epi proColon Plasma Quick Kit (M5-02-001)

Epi proColon Sensitive PCR Kit (M5-02-002)

Epi proColon Control Kit (M5-02-003)

Epi proColon Test
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