Blood-test for cancer detection

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Epi proLung® – Liquid biopsy test for lung cancer detection

Diagnosing lung cancer remains challenging and represents a highly unmet medical need. Radiological screening methods suffer from a high false positivity rate and therefore complementary confirmatory diagnostic methods are urgently needed. A reflex test that clarifies indeterminate findings will aid in earlier identification of illness, improved outcomes, and lower costs of treatment by reducing unnecessary procedures.

Epi proLung® is based on a combination of proprietary Epigenomics DNA methylation biomarkers SHOX2 and PTGER4. The product has received CE-IVD mark in Europe.

euThe product development was partly funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 672680.

Important documents:

  • Instructions for Use PDF
  • Safety data sheet – PCR Kit PDF
  • Safety data sheet – Control Kit PDF
  • Safety data sheet – Plasma Kit PDF


Epi proLung Sensitive PCR Kit (M6-02-002)

Epi proLung Control Kit (M6-02-003)

Epi BiSKit – Plasma Kit  (M7-01-001)