Jochen Hummel

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Jochen Hummel

Member of the Supervisory Board
Mr Jochen Hummel (*1970, German) studied economics at the University of Heidelberg from 1992 to 1996 and has been an employee of WSB Wolf Beckerbauer Hummel & Partner, Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbB since 1992.

Initially as a student, then as an assistant after completing his studies in autumn 1996 and as a partner since 2011. Mr Hummel was appointed as a tax consultant in 2001 and as a specialist consultant for international tax law in 2019. Mr Hummel is an expert in corporate transactions, international tax law and group structures.

Jochen Hummel has been a member of the Supervisory Board of Epigenomics AG since February 2024. He is an independent member within the meaning of the German Corporate Governance Code. Mr Hummel’s current appointment ends in 2024.

Mr Hummel is currently a member of other statutory Supervisory Boards:

– Exceet Card Group AG, Paderborn, Germany, Chairman of the Supervisory Board
– Carus AG, Heidelberg, Germany, Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board
– Exceet Card AG, Unterschleißheim, Germany, Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board
– Latonba AG, Heidelberg, Germany
– MISTRAL Media AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
– 2invest AG, Heidelberg, Germany
– Pekkip Oncology Alliance AG, Heidelberg, Germany