Dr. Helge Lubenow

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Dr. Helge Lubenow

Dr. Helge Lubenow (*1968, German) studied Biology and earned the doctoral degree at the University of Cologne and the Max-Planck-Institute in the field of genetics.

After joining Qiagen GmbH, Germany, in 1997, Dr. Lubenow held various positions, including Senior Vice President and head of molecular diagnostic business (2011 to 2015). During this time, Dr. Lubenow assumed positions in enterprises newly acquired by Qiagen GmbH, such as Corbett Life Science, Sydney and Brisbane, Australia and Digene Inc., Gaithersburg, USA and was responsible for restructuring or integration of the respective enterprise. In 2016, Dr. Lubenow founded her own consulting firm AGOS Consulting and in 2018 she was appointed managing director of tesa Labtec GmbH.

Dr. Lubenow has been a Supervisory Board member of Epigenomics AG since June 2016. The current term ends in 2021. She is an independent member (within the meaning of the German Corporate Governance Code).

Dr. Lubenow is currently member of comparable boards with supervisory function of German or foreign undertakings:

ProteoMediX AG, Zurich, Switzerland
Indical Biosciences GmbH, Leipzig, Germany.