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Convertible Bonds 2021/2024

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Mandatory convertible bond 2021/2024

Below you find further information about the issuance of mandatory convertible bonds that was resolved by the Management Board of Epigenomics AG with approval of the Supervisory Board on January 7, 2021.

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The conversion period comprises the first 14 days of each quarter (see conversion conditions).

Please note that the conversion price has meanwhile changed  according to § 12 (2) of the terms and conditions of the bond.

At the conversion period 1 to 14 July 2021, the conversion price was EUR 1.0772.

At the conversion period 1 to 14 October 2021, the conversion price was EUR 1.0705.

Since the conversion period 1 to 16 January 2023, the conversion price is EUR 4.2821.

In order for the conversion notice to be effective, the bondholders must complete and sign the forms provided here in full and send them to their custodian bank and instruct it to add the custodian bank’s data to the conversion notice and to forward it to the conversion agent within a conversion period. In addition, the bondholders must instruct their custodian bank to transfer all bonds for which conversion is declared to the conversion agent in due time.

The custodian banks have been informed via the WM Datenservice regarding the settlement details and can access the information on the settlement steps there at any time. It is advisable to contact the custodian banks prior to the start of a conversion period with regard to the desired conversion, as it is generally necessary to submit the declaration several days before the end of the conversion period due to the banks’ internal settlement processes, in order to ensure that, in addition to the verification and forwarding of the conversion notice, the transfer of the bonds to the conversion agent can also take place in due time.


Conversion Notice PDF
Prospectus PDF
Publication of Inside Information according to Article 17 MAR / January 7, 2021 PDF
Subscription offer (Please note: Currently there is only a German version available) PDF
Terms and Conditions PDF
Basic information sheet (German only) PDF



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